"With vacant eyes, she gazed down at the wiggling baby, then tossed her out the second story window."

The true story about an infant girl thrown away at birth, assaulted by people who should have kept her safe and lived most of her childhood in the foster care system. Still she grew up wanting to save people’s lives. She lived through a horrific helicopter crash with little chance of survival. Going through all of this and more she still became an International Supermodel, Playboy Playmate, credited actress and author.

Read this inspiring story about the life of Abigail Rich, how she overcame pain, tears and tragedies to become an International Supermodel. How she learned to make her dreams come true.


"Abigail violently shook her head back and forth. She twisted her hand trying to get it away. Tears ran down her cheeks. She wanted to scream but felt as if her throat had closed off"

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"It had only taken one month of orientation before Abigail was comfortable in her new position as Critical Care Flight Paramedic." "The only issue she had was the helmet..."

"The helicopter Abigail was working on crashed into some trees." "I can't offer you false hope, Abigail has less than 1% chance of survival."

Everyone said this was the end; In truth, it was the beginning

Abigail Rich has stepped outside of her comfort zone to share a story of pain, sadness, trauma, heartbreak and triumph because her desire to empower women overcame her fear of speaking her truth.

Abigail has spoken her truth in an effort to empower women by sending a message that says, "it's not what happens to you in your life, but what you do with what happens to you." Thank you Abigail for speaking your truth to shed light on the fact that the choices of others should never be allowed to rob a woman from feeling loved, valued, and heard. Nor should it take away the fact that every woman is a gift and should be treated as the treasure that she is!
Nancy Mueller - Empowerment Sensei

Invisibly Broken

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